Famous by proxy!

I’m a Hincher – I’m not afraid to admit it! When Sophie Hinchcliffe (a.k.a Mrs Hinch, the cleaning influencer who took Instagram by storm!) promoted a B&M offer on her Instagram stories, I applied straightaway to my local B&M store.

I was delighted to be awarded a £1,500 cash grant to use on items from B&M but quickly realised that the baby items were limited and there was no way I could spend that much money without clearing shelves, which due to Covid-19, was a real problem at the time.

I reached out to my local foodbank, who like Baby Godiva, were also experiencing a huge increase in service users and had posted on social media several times about struggling for items to make up full food parcels. A volunteer from the food bank and I went and filled four trollies to bursting with items from B&M to benefit us both! Whenever Baby Godiva has good fortune, in terms of donations, and we feel we could use it to benefit other agencies in the local community, I will often reach out and share. Charities supporting charities is something Baby Godiva feels passionate about – there are many things families and individuals may need help with, so why limit it to just enabling ourselves?

I posted on our Facebook page to let people know that we had received the fantastic grant from B&M, had helped the foodbank, and, were fully stocked for anyone that needed help. I made sure to thank Mrs Hinch for highlighting the offer from B&M – it was her promotion that alerted me to it after all! Never, in a million years, did I think that she would post MY status on HER Instagram stories to be seen by her three million followers (at the time).

Baby Godiva had a nice uplift in likes on the page and I received lots of messages offering support and congratulating me for the exposure. I must admit, I walked around with a smile on my face for the rest of the day……

All the best 😉

Belle x

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