Our Ambition, Mission & Values

Our mission

At Baby Godiva we are working to reduce child poverty and ease the pressure on families that are struggling to cope. We work tirelessly to help support families of those less fortunate and our aim is to ensure that all children have the essentials that will give them the best start in the life, ensuring they are happy and healthy.

Allied to this we also aim to help the environment by focusing on reducing waste and recycling wherever possible. We want to help these children in a sustainable way so that they can enjoy the planet as those before them.

Our ambition

We aim to help families to ensure that they can support their babies and young children not just with their practical needs but emotionally too. We want to help them to provide a healthy, happy and safe environment but this is only possible when families can provide their children with the best possible foundation in life. To achieve this families need to be able to meet the essential basic needs of their children – clean, warm and well fed.

There are many families that do not have the privilege of a close support network of family and friends. Instead, these families are compelled to turn to the social service support provided by local government for help. As much as these teams strive to provide the best support possible there are, unfortunately, many heart-breaking stories of these teams being so overwhelmed by the overall demand that many families miss out on the help they need. We want to act as a safety net for those families.

My ambition when founding this charity was for Baby Godiva to help achieve my dream of every baby sleeping in a warm, safe space. I want every baby to have clothes (and importantly, clothes that fit). To have their dignity and be comfortable in a freshly bathed body with clean clothing which includes a clean diaper. I want every baby to be nourished by milk in whichever way suits them best. I want each family we support to be able to get to places of necessity or enjoyment with their child.

If you share my dream, please help Baby Godiva make it happen.

Our values

Our values are the fundamental driving principles for our work.

  • Respect ourselves and each other.
  • Live and thrive in a community that supports each other.
  • Strive for excellence in everything we do with Integrity
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