How We Work

We work alongside existing social services and other maternal and child support welfare professionals, so that we can provide an enhanced service to the families that need that extra support.

  • We will not duplicate the work of existing services but aim to support and add additional value to them where we are able to.
  • We will ensure that the criteria for recipient eligibility is always determined fairly. Primarily through a Welfare Professional. However, we will also ensure that our own assessments are also as thorough as possible.

All goods donated and provided to supported families will be checked so that they are of good quality, in safe working condition and adhere to the appropriate UK safety standards.

  • We give everything as a gift, with no expectation of return.

We work with selected Partners and Supporters who share our values and goals.

  • Respect ourselves and each other.
  • Live and thrive in a community that supports each other.
  • Strive for excellence in everything we do with Integrity
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